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why should you do it with us?

Technical know-how

We have it!

Excellent technical skills with various software methodologies as well as ingenuity and confidence (great combination if you ask me).

Culture and communication

in Romania

is very similar to Western European cultures, and are quite familiar to any American visitor.

We speak well English, ein bisschen Deutsch, and for French, Italian or Spanish we can easily find translators.

We're cosmopolitan and educated with good intercultural and communication skills.

Long-term Relationship

is what we're looking for.

We value stability and long-term relationships. We could even maintain a costumer-dedicated team, which work, eat and sleep for the client!

Easy acces

from any place.

A 1-2 hour flight from London or Frankfurt is just enough to get here while you read your favourite book. International airports can be found in Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu and Tirgu-Mures and since we have joined the European Union travel became fast and simple.


are really important!

Salaries in Romania are generally lower than in other European countries like the UK, Germany, Poland or the Czech Republic, this makes us really competitive on the market.

Universities and IT hubs

in Romania

are trained around 5000 engineers and computer science graduates in 41 Technical Universities per year.

Getting in touch with us it's easy

Just give us your contact details, and we'll get back to you! (we won't send spam, we hate it too!)

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